Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The real cost of Lean

What is the cost of Lean? the cost of lean in this sense is referred to the cost to the business to bring change to their systems and processes to introduce lean manufacturing. It is important to take into account the industry and nature of the business' operations in order to select the Lean concepts and techniques applicable to the business and its different operations.
In my experience businesses run into trouble and fail to reap the benefits from lean when their management and staff do not know what lean really is and how to use the tools effectively. They most commonly try a blanket or shotgun approch which leads to very little benefit at the end, high implementation and project costs and an overburden of work for staff.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lean manufacturing engineers in large companies

The people in charge of collecting data and carrying out lean manufacturing initiatives can vary depending on the organization, its size, and complexity.
In large organizations they usually have a lean team led by a lean champion and they will have a work group consisting of process engineers, continuous improvement engineers or industrial engineers. This structure is very focused and allows the progress of lean manufacturing initiatives without interruptions to day to day operations.