Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lean Manufacturing concept

Some people ask,” why lean?” Lean means producing things/ services more effectively by reducing waste. Waste as we know is products or actions that do not add value to the company. To create a lean manufacturing or service, it is critical to have an overview of the whole process from start to end. That can be done by using lean methodologies which have been successfully proven.

Here is how to use a lean manufacturing concept. First of all, Analyze the whole production process and draw it on paper so that the value added and non-value added processes that are embedded in the whole process can be easily located. Once, the non-value added processes are identified, they should be removed. By doing that, the throughput time can be reduced and the overall process would be improved.

The focus of having a lean process is to eliminate problems such as bottlenecks, high work-in-process inventories, long lead times and many more. Census data shows by removing most of these problems companies realizing improved performances relative to productivity, speed and quality.